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We help machine shops eliminate labor shortages, increase production and reduce costs with Contextual Robot Arms 

Prior Success

$25 Million +

of Energy, Manufacturing & Construction projects executed successfully by our leadership team

“Devin and his team have provided critical support to our projects which have been completed on-time and exceeding our satisfaction.”

- William Tasney @ Scale 42

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What We Do


Identity tasks to automate with robot arms designed and made by Heavy

Call Center

Deploy robot arms without 3rd parties at scale


Empower shops with low cost, custom and scalable solutions

Road Construction

Our Services


In the evolving landscape of manufacturing, machine shop managers face the dual challenge of addressing labor shortages while simultaneously striving to boost production and minimize operational costs. Our mission is to tackle these challenges head-on by introducing contextual robots into the workflow.


Advanced robotic solutions by Heavy are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity without the need for extensive overhaul or reliance on third-party installations.

Our Offerings

To ensure our customers achieve maximum value from our robotic solutions, we offer comprehensive services:

Excavator Tractor

Training & Education

We provide in-depth training programs that cover both operational and maintenance aspects of our robot arms.


Our trainers ensure that your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate and maintain our robotic systems effectively.

Remote Control

24/7 Support and Maintenance

Downtime can be costly, which is why we offer round-the-clock technical support and maintenance services.


Our team of experts is available 24/7 to address any issues, minimize downtime, and ensure your robotic systems operate at peak performance.

Server Room


We understand that every machine shop has unique requirements. From custom engineering to system integration, we ensure that our robotic solutions are optimized for your specific needs.


At Heavy, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to transform the operation of robot arms. Our software stack is built on three primary pillars:

Advanced Vision and Perception

Enhance your robotic operations with our cutting-edge vision and perception capabilities. Leverage robust object detection, defect identification, and intelligent bin picking to streamline quality control and material handling tasks with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Digital Twins & Real Time Monitoring

Gain invaluable insights into your production processes with our digital twin technology and real-time monitoring system. Create virtual replicas of your robotic systems and production lines, enabling predictive maintenance, process optimization, and data-driven decision-making.

AI Copilot powered by GPT

Experience seamless human-robot collaboration with our innovative AI Copilot featuring natural language processing and chat interface. Easily communicate with your robotic systems, provide instructions, and receive real-time updates or assistance, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.



Contract Manufacturing

Industrial Machinery





Aerospace & Defense


Heavy eliminates labor shortages, increased production and reduces cost with contextual robot arms

Up to 24/7 operations


Hire labor from anywhere in the country to operate equipment

Enhanced safety & trackability for managers


Of Construction Managers Can’t Find Labor To Meet Demand.


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